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Current issue:
No. 3 - June - 2015

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Current issue:
Clinical Neuropsychiatry - n. 3 - June - 2015


01 Paper
Cigarette smoking in schizophrenic patients that are currently treated in a mexican hospital
Oscar Rodríguez-Mayoral, Nuria Lanzagorta, Julio César Flores-Lázaro, Fernando Corona-Hernández, Humberto Nicolini
PDF - Total Reads: 190

02 Paper
Clinical and psychophysiological data of the chernobyl personnel working on transformation
Kostantyn Loganovsky, Iryna Perchuk, Donatella Marazziti
PDF - Total Reads: 180

03 Paper
Improvement in cognitive and affective theory of mind with observation and imitation treatment in subjects with schizophrenia
Maria C. Pino, Mario Pettinelli, Daniela Clementi, Carlo Gianfelice, Monica Mazza
PDF - Total Reads: 188

04 Psychiatric hypothesis
Syd Barrett: was he suffering from schizophrenia or Asperger’s syndrome?
Mario Campanella
PDF - Total Reads: 349

05 Case report
Marchiafava-Bignami Disease (MBD) and Diffusion Tensor Image (DTI)
Priscilla Chukwueke, Anne Kleiman, Leszek Pisinski
PDF - Total Reads: 192

Clinical Neuropsychiatry - EPUB Ahead of print

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Reasoning in schizophrenia. Review and analysis from the cognitive perspective

Valentina Cardella, Amelia Gangemi

PDF - Total Reads: 244

Epub code: CN100009
Social cognition in the differential diagnosis of Autism spectrum disorders and Personality disorders

Judith C. L. M. Duijkers, Constance Th. W. M. Vissers, Wim Verbeeck, Arnoud Arntz, Jos I.M. Egger

PDF - Total Reads: 336

Epub code: CN100008
Evaluation of Narrative Exposure Therapy (NET) for Borderline Personality Disorder with comorbid Posttraumatic Stress Disorder

Astrid Pabst, Maggie Schauer, Kirstin Bernhardt, Martina Ruf-Leuschner, Robert Goder,

PDF - Total Reads: 257

Epub code: CN100007

Clinical Neuropsychiatry Supplements

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Clinical Neuropsychiatry - Supplement No. 1 - June - 2013

Papers presented at the third meeting of the EABCT special interest group on Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, Assisi, May 9-13, 2013

Barbara Barcaccia and Francesco Mancini

Giovanni Fioriti Editore: Books in Italian
Principles of Evolutionary Medicine
by Peter Gluckman, Alan Beedle, Mark Hanson

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Darwin against cancer

by Francesco Colotta

President Nixon announced in 1970 the war against cancer...

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Manuale di psicoterapia breve per i disturbi emozionali nei bambini

by Filippo Muratori, Lara Picchi, Gabriella Bruni, Maria Grazia Patarnello, Francisco Palacio Espasa

Foreword by Peter Fonagy

Giovanni Fioriti Editore: Books in other languages
Darwin against cancer. How evolutionism can help prevention and treatment

This book wants to recapitulate the cellular and molecular mechanism underlying the adaptative and evolutionary nature of cancer and to discuss how we might take advantage from considering cancer an adaptative and evolutionary disease to design new strategies for cancer therapy and prevention.

Francesco Colotta
Schizophrenia Proneness Instrument, Child and Youth (SPI-CY) - Extended English Version

Although psychosis constitutes a terrible disruption in the life of an adolescent, the long term effects can be considerably ameliorated by rapid diagnosis and decisive therapeutic action. The SPI-CY will prove to be a vital piece of equipment in helping us revolutionise the care of young people with early-onset psychosis.

Frauke Schultze-Lutter, Max Marshall, Eginhard Koch