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2018 - n.1 - February - 2018

01 Paper
Parenting stress in mothers of infants with congenital heart disease and of preterm infants at one year of age
Simona De Stasio, Maria Franca Coletti, Francesca Boldrini, Francesca Bevilacqua, Andrea Dotta, Simonetta Gentile
PDF - Total Reads: 427

02 Paper
Post-stroke anxiety and depression: relationships to cognitive rehabilitation outcome
Maria C. Quattropani, Alessandra Geraci, Vittorio Lenzo, Roberto Delle Chiaie, Antonella Filastro
PDF - Total Reads: 149

03 Paper
The role of social support and emotional intelligence on negative mood states among couples during pregnancy: an actor-partner interdependence model approach
Ivan Formica, Nadia Barberis, Sebastiano Costa, Jessica Nucera, Maria Laura Falduto, Noemi Rosa Maganuco, Monica Pellerone, Adriano Schimmenti
PDF - Total Reads: 179

04 Case report
Stress cardiomyopathy: a clinical case of recurrent of the Tako-Tsubo syndrome and short review of literature
Sergio Fasullo, Giorgio Maringhini, Graziella Vetrano, Gaspare Parrinello, Giuseppina Novo, Maurizio Abrignani, Stefania Davì, Benedetto Morana, Alessandro Raffa e Nicolò Renda
PDF - Total Reads: 153

05 Case report
Panic attacks or epileptic seizures?
Isabel Loução de Amorim, Ana Rita Peralta, Carla Bentes, José Pimentel
PDF - Total Reads: 113

06 Paper
An exploratory study on problematic Internet use predictors: Which role for attachment and dissociation?
Alessandro Musetti, Grazia Terrone, Adriano Schimmenti
PDF - Total Reads: 2519

07 Paper
Reliability, validity and factor structure of the Compulsive Acquisition Scale (CAS)
Palmira Faraci, Claudia Perdighe, Claudio Del Monte, and Angelo Maria Saliani
PDF - Total Reads: 109

08 Paper
Testing for the dimensionality of the Maslach Burnout Inventory (MBI) on a sample of high school teachers
Palmira Faraci
PDF - Total Reads: 104

09 Paper
Development of a new screening tool for cyber pornography: Psychometric properties of the Cyber Pornography Addiction Test (CYPAT)
Marco Cacioppo, Alessio Gori, Adriano Schimmenti, Roberto Baiocco, Fiorenzo Laghi, Vincenzo Caretti
PDF - Total Reads: 125

10 Paper
Attachment relationships and internalization and externalization problems in a group of adolescents with pathological gambling disorder
Grazia Terrone, Alessandro Musetti, Stefano Raschielli, Alberta Marino, Paola Costrini, Piergiorgio Mossi, Sergio Salvatore, Vincenzo Caretti
PDF - Total Reads: 107

2017 - n.6 - December - 2017

01 Paper
Sensory processing sensitivity and childhood quality’s effects on neural responses to emotional stimuli
Bianca P. Acevedo, Jadzia Jagiellowicz, Elaine Aron, Robert Marhenke, Arthur Aron
PDF - Total Reads: 290

02 Paper
An exploratory study on internet addiction, somatic symptoms and emotional and behavioral functioning in school-aged adolescents
Rita Cerruti, Valentina Spensieri, Fabio Presaghi, Carmela Valastro, Andrea Fontana, Vincenzo Guidetti
PDF - Total Reads: 288

03 Paper
Intrusive thoughts in obsessive compulsive patients, relapsed obsessive compulsive patients and non-clinical participants: a study in France
Ouafae Achachi, Martine Bouvard, and Monique Rey
PDF - Total Reads: 190

04 Paper
Self-esteem and mood in obese children and their mothers: a pilot study
Michela Gatta, Marina Miscioscia, Valentina Cassutti, Eleonora Sale
PDF - Total Reads: 190

05 Paper
Alexithymia, body perception and dismorphism:a study conducted on sportive and non-sportive subjects
Calogero Iacolino, Monica Pellerone, Ivan Formica, Ester Maria Concetta Lombardo, Giacomo Tolini
PDF - Total Reads: 192

06 Paper
Schema Therapy Mode Model applied to OCD
Barbara Basile, Katia Tenore, Olga Ines Luppino, Francesco Mancini
PDF - Total Reads: 189

07 Paper
Assessing situational dysphoria in borderline patients: development and preliminary validation of the Situational Dysphoria Scale (SITDS)
Alessandra D’Agostino, Antonella Aportone, Mario Rossi Monti, Vladan Starcevic
PDF - Total Reads: 173

08 Book review
Book review
Lluis Oviedo
PDF - Total Reads: 132

2017 - n.5 - October - 2017

Antonio Onofri

01 Editorial
A special issue on EMDR in PTSD and other psychopathological conditions
Antonio Onofri
PDF - Total Reads: 499

02 Paper
A hypothetical mechanism of action of EMDR: the role of Slow Wave Sleep
Marco Pagani, Sara Carletto
PDF - Total Reads: 434

03 Paper
EMDR for depression: a systematic review of controlled studies
Sara Carletto, Luca Ostacoli, Nicoletta Colombi, Luca Calorio, Francesco Oliva, Isabel Fernandez, Arne Hofmann
PDF - Total Reads: 434

04 Paper
Anna Rita Verardo, Emanuela Cioccolanti
PDF - Total Reads: 416

05 Paper
Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) and eating disorders: a systematic review
Marina Balbo, Maria Zaccagnino, Martina Cussino, Cristina Civilotti
PDF - Total Reads: 373

06 Paper
EMDR therapy of panic disorder and agoraphobia: a review of the existing literature
Elisa Faretta, Andrew Leeds
PDF - Total Reads: 771

07 Paper
The use of EMDR with refugees and asylum seekers: a review of research studies
Paola Castelli Gattinara, Susanna Pallini
PDF - Total Reads: 343

08 Case report
CBT combined with EMDR for Resistant Refractory obsessive-compulsive disorder. Report of three cases
Gian-Paolo Mazzoni, Andrea Pozza, Carmelo La Mela and Isabel Fernandez
PDF - Total Reads: 440