Guidelines for Authors

You can submit your work via the web page or, in case of problems during submission, by e-mail to the publisher

There are no publication fees requested for the publication.


Authors must guarantee that the work is original and hasn’t been sent to any other journal.
Papers should be about 8-15,000 words.

Submit your work to Clinical Neuropsychiatry

Cover letter

Upload a cover letter in the same file in the submission system.  The length limit is 600 words.


The cover letter should address the following questions:


– What is the scientific question you are addressing?

– What is the key finding that answers this question?

– What is the nature of the evidence you provide in support of your conclusion?

– What significance do your results have for the field?

– Is there additional information that we should take into account?

The manuscript

The first page of the manuscript should include the title, the authors, the corresponding author, and affiliations. The affiliation includes department, university, or organizational affiliation and its location, including city, state/province (if applicable).


The Abstract comes after the title page in the manuscript file.


The Abstract succinctly introduces the manuscript. It clearly indicates the aspects of originality and the basic thesis of the article. The Abstract is conceptually divided into the following four sections: objective, method, results, conclusions. It must be written in four paragraphs.

Parts of the paper

Most manuscripts should be organized as follows. After the title page with author list, author affiliations and abstract the paper should comprise:


  • Introduction
  • Materials and Methods
  • Results
  • Discussion
  • Acknowledgments
  • References

Tables and Figures

Figures and tables should be clearly captioned. The images should be created in high-quality: the resolution of the images accepted is 300-600 dpi.


The authors are also requested to indicate exactly where these are to be inserted in the manuscript.


The reference page and the in-text references must be edited in the standard APA style 7th edition


Visit this link to read a complete guide.

Funding Disclosure

Declare any funding received for this study including details such as funder name, grant numbers, and the funder’s website in the submission system.


All Clinical Neuropsychiatry authors are required to declare what support they received to carry out their research. Declaring funding sources acknowledges funders’ contributions, fulfills funding requirements, and promotes greater transparency in the research process.

Competing Interests

In the submission system, declare on behalf of all authors whether there are any financial, personal, or professional interests that could be construed to have influenced the work.


Any relevant competing interests of authors must be available to editors and reviewers during the review process and will be stated in published articles.


All authors must download and complete a copy of the disclosure form, which is available as a PDF at They should keep a copy of the form and send a copy to their corresponding author who must insert it within the submitted manuscript.

All accepted articles will be published only after the signed copyright agreement form and disclosure statements (also a statement that the paper was also written in accordance to the ‘Guiding principles in the care and use of animals’) have been completed.

Fast track publication

Clinical Neuropsychiatry offers full online evaluation and, if accepted, publication within one week.


For costs and application click here.

Giovanni Fioriti Editore recommends that authors have their manuscripts checked by an English language native speaker before submission; this will ensure that submissions are judged at peer review exclusively on academic merit. We offer these services specialising in language editing and/or translation, and suggest that authors contact us as appropriate. Use of any of these services is voluntary, and at the author’s own expense.