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Clinical Neuropsychiatry
Volume 21, issue 2 – April 2024

Journal of Treatment Evaluation

Co-Editor in chief psychology: Adriano Schimmenti
Co-Editor in chief psychiatry: Alfonso Troisi

Bimonthly journal published by Giovanni Fioriti Editore srl

ISSN PRINT EDITION: 1724-4935, ISSN ONLINE EDITION: 2385-0787 Language: English.


Article Highlights

Article highlights

Federico Mucci ...
Systematic review

Main biological models of resilience

Donatella Marazziti, Sara Fantasia, Stefania Palermo, Alessandro Arone, Lucia Massa, Matteo Gambini, Claudia Carmassi ...
Research paper

Exploring Transference in Borderline Personality Disorder: An Empirical Study of Facial Resemblance and Emotional Valence

Abdulhadi Kocabas, Georg Juckel, Nikolai Axmacher, Gerd Waldhauser, Martin Brüne ...
Research paper

An Italian Consensus Conference on psychological therapies for anxiety and depression

Gioia Bottesi, Gemma Calamandrei, Silvio Garattini, Paolo Migone, Ezio Sanavio ...

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Clinical Neuropsychiatry Award 2020

Clinical Neuropsychiatry AWARD 2021 WINNER

The editor in chief, Donatella Marazziti, the associate editor, Adriano Schimmenti, and Giovanni Fioriti are pleased to announce on 19/11/2021 the winner of the second Clinical Neuropsychiatry Award. 


Lifetime psychiatric comorbidity and diagnostic trajectories in an Italian psychiatric sample

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The prize estabilished is 3000 Euros.

Lifetime psychiatric comorbidity and diagnostic trajectories in an Italian psychiatric sample has been evaluated as the best paper dealing with the topic of the treatment of psychosis submitted for publication in the journal in the period June 1, 2019 – May 31, 2021.

The Jury panel comprises:
Ross Baldessarini, Martin Bruene, Giuseppe Craparo, Jos Egger, Fabio Madeddu, Leandro Malloy-Diniz, Donatella Marazziti, Michele Poletti, Adriano Schimmenti, Alfonso Troisi

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