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Clinical Neuropsychiatry
Volume 18, issue 4 – August 2021

Journal of Treatment Evaluation

Editor in chief: Donatella Marazziti – Associate Editor: Adriano Schimmenti

Bimonthly journal published by Giovanni Fioriti Editore srl

ISSN PRINT EDITION: 1724-4935, ISSN ONLINE EDITION: 2385-0787 Language: English.

Research paper

Efficacy of a functional therapy program for depression and C-reactive protein: A pilot study

Giuseppe Maniaci, Caterina La Cascia, Alessandra Giammanco, Laura Ferraro, Zaira Sardella, Giulia Bivona, Marcello Ciaccio, Daniele La Barbera ...
Research paper

Deontological guilt and disgust sensitivity modulate moral behaviour

Irene Parisi, Alessandra Mancini, Francesco Mancini, Salvatore Maria Aglioti, Maria Serena Panasiti ...
Research paper
Research paper
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Clinical Neuropsychiatry Award 2020

Clinical Neuropsychiatry AWARD 2021

The editor in chief, Donatella Marazziti, the associate editor, Adriano Schimmenti, and Giovanni Fioriti are pleased to announce the second Clinical Neuropsychiatry Award. The prize – 3000 Euros – is to be awarded to the author/s of the best paper submitted for publication in the journal in the period June 1, 2019 – May 31, 2021.


The treatment of psychosis is one of the principal topics of the real psychiatric clinical practice. Notwithstanding many important researches on this topic not much is yet understood about the natural course of the disorder and moreover how you could influence it well.


So any research, systematic reviews and metanalyses which investigate the treatment of psychosis would be desirable and will be the subject of the award.


The Jury panel comprises:


Ross Baldessarini, Martin Bruene, Giuseppe Craparo, Jos Egger, Fabio Madeddu, Leandro Malloy-Diniz, Donatella Marazziti, Michele Poletti, Adriano Schimmenti, Alfonso Troisi

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Attà Negri, Giovanbattista Andreoli, Rachele Mariani, Francesco De Bei, Diego Rocco, Andrea Greco, and Wilma Bucci

Epub code: CN100021 Mario Altamura, Salvatore Iuso, Giovanna D’Andrea, Francesca D’Urso, Carla Piccininni, Eleonora Angelini, Francesco Sessa, Maurizio Margaglione, Caterina Padulo, Beth Fairfield, Annamaria Petito and Antonello Bellomo

Epub code: CN100015 Monica Pellerone, Tiziana Ramaci, Riccardo Granà, Giuseppe Craparo

Epub code: CN100013 Alessandra Simonelli, Micol Parolin, Daniela Mapelli, Patrizia Cristofalo, Silvia Cimino, Luca Cerniglia

Epub code: CN100012 Michela Gatta, Marina Miscioscia, Maria Elena Brianda, Alessandra Simonelli

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