Clinical Neuropsychiatry Volume 17, issue 6 – December 2020


First Validation of the Referential Process Post-session Scale – Therapist version (RPPS-T)

Attà Negri, Giovanbattista Andreoli, Rachele Mariani, Francesco De Bei, Diego Rocco, Andrea Greco, and Wilma Bucci ...

Clinical associations between severity of impulsivity, psychiatric morbidity, dysfunctional defences and personality disorder: A comparative study with Axis-I disorders

Marco Chiesa, Anna Rita Atti, Manuela Licitra, Siegfried Alberti, Andrea Epifani, Rebecca Gilmozzi, Euro Pozzi ...

Supervision model of mental health telecare volunteers during the COVID-19 pandemic

Tarquino Yacelga Ponce, Edgar Zúñiga, Clara Paz, Paula Hidalgo-Andrade ...