Quality of life of health care professionals in pandemic times

Jonas Jardim de Paula, Danielle Souza Costa, Alexandre Luiz de Oliveira Serpa, Antonio Geraldo Silva, Mayra Isabel C. Pinheiro, Leandro Fernandes Malloy-Diniz, Debora Marques de Miranda

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  • DOI doi.org/10.36131/cnfioritieditore20210301
  • Competing Interests None
  • Funding This work was supported by PAHO-Panamerican Health Organization
    [grant number SCON2020-00202] and CNPQ [grant number 401542/2020-3]
    in task force with Brazilian Association of Psychiatry (ABP), Brazilian Association of Impulsivity and Dual Patology
    (ABIPD) and SAMBE Research Group.
    The funding source had no involvement in the study design, analysis and interpretation of data.
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